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Surf Lanzarote

Surf en Lanzarote

Everyone talks about Lanzarote , they say it's the new Hawaii and it's also much closer. Surfing is becoming the engine of the island and I can not stop thinking about it.

What do you dream or desire when you are in Lanzarote? Finding the sun and good temperature is almost certain ... but the waves and the wind can be unpredictable!

Will there be many people in the water? What surfboard do I need to bring with me? Will there be dangerous currents? What are the best tides?

Lanzarote, surf paradise

I want to go to Lanzarote but I have many questions to answer and I would love to find a place on the island to help me find the answer to know where, when and how to surf each day.

Understanding how the tides work and knowing how they affect each of the lanzarote surf spots is essential to make the most of Lanzarote's wave potential. Choosing or not the exact tide point to surf each spot can make the difference between a glorious session or a poor session. But ... how can I know the optimum tide point of each spot? Who can advise me? ...

Maximize your surfing days in Lanzarote

LZ402Famara is the solution. This surf school located on Famara beach which is thel surfing town on Lanzarote will help you discover the beauty of the waves, take part in Courses for beginners or exceed your limits accompanied by a private instructor that will take you surfari around the island in search of the best waves to be with you the water anhelp you to push your limits.

They will also advise you to rent the table appropriate for the waves of the day and have the exact place to find your everyday best wave.

The surf in Lanzarote is practiced mainly on the north west coast and the north east (less constant) of the island, with so many world class reef sports surrounded of undescriptible landscapes of volcanic beauty!

In lanzarote there are many places with these characteristics: away from the city, hotels and roads ... Who knows well the island knows where to look for the waves that somewhere are breaking almost without people in the water. Paradise is sometimes just a few minutes walk and is within reach of those who dare to go and look for it.

But you do not have to take risks and although being alone in the water can sometimes be a very pleasant feeling it is important to be careful and know what one does. That's why we recommend you join the surfaris by LZ402Famara to discover the best of surf in Lanzarote in a safe way and in the best company.

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