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February 2, 2017

Second Hand Paddle Surfboards


Sup is known by all surfers and sports people, certainly a very effective tool to train and play in different conditions.

From lakes to oceans, driven by the wind or surfing the waves, in the last ten years the boards have been created for all needs and conditions!

Second-hand market offers everything and we, who have believed and promoted the SUP from the beginning, can give you good advice because we have seen all the changes SUPboards have suffered: always testing the new and keeping the past.

Our second-hand SUP quiver is very well stocked on the wave models (perfect for Famara conditions)!

 Jimmy Lewis (our shaper) has kept the boards generously long to have higher speed sensations and to control the moment the SUP accelerates and continues straight instead of turning on itself as it often happens with shorter and wider boards.

A good balance between the width, length and thickness is very important to reach a volume sufficient to support the weight and the abilities of each one.


Tips for buying your second-hand SUP board

  • If possible try your board before you buy it.
  • 30 Liters above your weight are sufficient to guarantee buoyancy even in wind and current conditions.
  • Make sure the good construction of the board and that is in good condition: it is not important if it has scratches or if the board has some years.
  • Be careful if it has been repaired, especially in the area of the fins and the nose, where it could suffer flaccidity / delamination (detachment of the tissues)
  • Choose the Sup that suits your skills and the type of waves you want to surf.


Here are the models of stand up paddle (sup) boards that we have on sale:

Jimmy Lewis 9’0 Mano

27 3/4 x115 Liters
Fast SUP, suitable for experienced surfers between 60 / 80kg.

500 €

Tabla de paddle surf de segunda mano


9’6 x 28,5 x 3,5 x 117 Liters
This SUP longboard can work very well without the help of the paddle! Only for expert surfers.

750 €

Tabla de paddle surf de segunda mano

Jimmy Lewis 10

‘Hanaley 28’ ‘x 25.4 x 130 liters.
Sup versatile suitable for any type of wave and surfer.

900 €

Tabla de paddle surf de segunda mano

Jimmy Lewis SUPER TECH

8’3 x 105 liters
8’8 litros x 122 liters

650 €

Tabla de paddle surf de segunda mano

9’1 x 129 litros
9’6 x 146 litros
Sup Wave to attack the vertical wave.

750 €

Tabla de paddle surf de segunda mano

Jimmy Lewis 7’9 World Wide

29”x 103 liters
Easy, fun in small waves, for light weights 50 / 75kg.

700 €

Tabla de paddle surf de segunda mano

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