SUP equipment rental

Rental of Stand Up Paddle SUP material

All Jimmy Lewis boards

Only school / shop in Lanzarote to have such a wide range of the best quality stand up paddle equipment in Lanzarote. We rent Jimmy Lewis sup boards of all models suitable to practice SUP with waves or Flat Water. We were the first school to introduce the Stand Up Paddle in Lanzarote and we continue to offer only the best for a greater enjoyment of this sport that day by day is becoming one of the most practiced water sports in the world.

1 day
Board, row and leash45 €
Wetsuit5 €

SUP boards to rent/h2>

We have the best quiver of sup tables of Lanzarote

Race and Waves Jimmy Lewis boards. The best Stand up paddle equipment on the island:

M16: 12'6" x 28 x 217 liters
Striker 9'5" x 31 x 147 liters
World wide 8'1'' x 29' -112 liters
World Wide 7'9" x 29 x 103 liters
World Wide 9'3" x 32 x 154 liters
Super Tech 8'8" x 28 3/4 x112 liters
Super Tech 8'3" x 28 1/2 x 105 liters
Black and Blue 9'6'' x 28 1/2 x 117 liters
Maestra 9'9" x 33 x 180 liters
Mano 9' x 27 3/4 x 115 liters
Stun Gun 8'2'' x 28 3/4 x 99 liters
Stun Gun 8'7'' x29 1/2 x 110 liters