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February 2, 2017
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February 28, 2017

Kite surf course

Kie surf course

Things to keep in mind in your first steps with kitesurf

Most of you have no idea what the kite is and many have tried it at least once !. Unfortunately a good percentage has not had the opportunity to start in a safe place with good wind!.

In fact it is very important not to have dangerous elements around when you have to pay attention to the kite; Therefore, not crowded beaches are recommended, spaces closed or with sort distances in which the kite can fly without arriving at houses, cars or people outside the sport.

Safety comes first

Of course, the instructor must convey security and accompany without haste, do not use too powerful kites!

It is important to understand and know how to use the security system in case you want to free yourself quickly from the kite !. As long as the wind is strong and steady learning will be simply and fun! but be careful if ind direction or speed rapidly changes.

No rush to go to the water ad use both board and kite. First you need to learn how to fly your kite on land and only then you can go to the water.

Shallow water and no waves are the best conditions to start without stress!

Choose the right surf school

For all of the above it is clear that it is important to choose the right place and time to start with the kite if you do not want to have a bad experience that will take you away forever.

The kite is growing rapidly because it is a relatively fast sport to learn and in most cases in a few years you can move from zero to be a kite master.

But for this learning to be fluid and secure you should choose a school with monitors that adapt to the rhythm and needs of each student , because there are not all the same

The instructors of LZ402 in Famara (Lanzarote) Our instructors are able to help you, give the appropriate assistance in any condition: not everyone needs a lot of information or so many hours of practice before they feel secure and independent.

There are also people who after bad experiences or because they simply prefer to learn calmly they will equally be able to understand how the kite works and enjoy.

It is essential to do safety tests so that the kite will never give you a fright! Choose a school that always has safety above all else .

In kite courses for beginners as well as teaching about the safety and handling of the kite on land we have the first contact with water from the technique known as Body Drag . This usually takes a couple of days depending on the progression of each student. If everything goes as planned and all the necessary conditions are given on the 4th day of the class the student should already start surfing with a board. So that's your goal, we recommend that you do a kite course for at least 4 days .

Do you need a kite school in Lanzarote?