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Famara surf

Famara, discover one of the best surf destinations in Europe

Good weather all year round, guaranteed waves and numerous surf spots for all levels.

Are you thinking about your next surfing destination ? South of France, northern Spain or Portugal seem very attractive destinations for any surf lover. But a few hours by plane and without having to cross half the world there is a destination that you should not miss, Famara .

Famara is a small town located northwest of the island of Lanzarote which in a few years passed from being a small fishing village to being the epicenter of surfing in Lanzarote and one of the most important surfing centers of the Canary Islands. All type waves, numerous surf spots, many of them located a few meters from the urban center and good weather all year round make Famara a winning bet for all those who are looking for a place to surf or learn to surf in the best conditions .

Wherever you look in Famara you will only see surf schools , surf shops and lots of surfer environment with surfers from ll over the world strolling the streets of the village with his table under his arm in search of his daily dose of waves.

Many people compare Lanzarote with Hawaii because of the quality and variety of the waves offered by the island and the truth is that they have no reason to do so. All along the island you will find a good handful of surf spots (some very well known and others more secrets) with high level waves but it is in Famara and its surroundings like San Juan , Caleta de Caballo or the Santa where you will find the highest concentration of surf spots for all levels being some of them worldwide known with El Quemao also known as the canary pipeline.

3 good reasons to surf in Famara


Good weather all year round

The weather in Famara is like spring all year round. In winter the temperature is very pleasant and you can go perfectly in shorts and t-shirt during the day although you will need something warmer for the night. In summer the Aliseos winds cool the atmosphere and it is never too hot, which is especially appreciated to rest at night. The rain fall is almost non-existent in summer and very infrequent the rest of the year so we can say that the sun is almost assured. For more information you can check the weather forecast for Famara at Holiday Weather


Great Waves

In Famara and surroundings you will find endless surf spots for all levels . The center of the beach of Famara is destined for the schools and the beginner surfers. But in Famara you will also find rock bottom spots like the Pier or San Juan that will test the most experienced surfers with waves of great quality and difficulty. And if it were not enough the orientation of Famara fully exposed to Atlantic swells guarantee waves practically every day of the year.


100% Surfing Spirit

For some years the town of Famara lives by and for surfing. In this small town you will find more than 10 surf schools and other surf shops as well as numerous surf camps with accommodation at the foot of the beach to enjoy the waves at the doors of your house. In addition, Famara is located in the center of the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park Perfectly illustrates the spectacular of its landscape that surely will not leave you indifferent. If you are looking for party + surfing maybe this is not your destination but if you are looking for surf + wild nature then you will be right choosing Famara as a destination.

Famara Surf Spots

All kind of waves for all kind of surfers

surf spot famara

Famara Beach

The perfect place to learn to surf by its sand bottom and more than 4 kms wide. It is the site chosen by most schools to teach their surfing lessons.

Schools often get in the middle of the beach. If you want to be a little more alone try to go beyond the bungalow area in what is known as the "papelillo".

At the beginning of the beach you will find an area of rocks that are not visible at high tide. From the middle of the beach there are no rocks and it is a perfectly safe area for surfing without any danger although you should always be attentive to the directions of the rescuers present on the beach.

You can easily walk from the center of the village or park directly in front of the beach, taking care not to park in the sand or you'll have trouble getting stuck in the sand

surf spot el muelle de famara

Famara Pier

One of the most spectacular spots in Famara. This is not an easy spot and you better have a good surfing level to catch waves here. Its rocky and rugged bottom does not invite you to make mistakes

This is one of the favorite spots for local surfers. Respect the locals and follow the surfing code and you will have no problems.

This spot does not always work. You should wait for the swell to come north to enjoy it under the best conditions.

It is a fast lefthand wave with tube sections when conditions are right. You can also catch the right but in this case the wave gives chances.

Located right in the center of the village of Famara you can access the wave jumping from the pier and paddling directly to the line up.

surf spot el codito de famara

The Codito

The codito is a mixed spot (rock and sand) located just at Famara entrance.

It is not a difficult spot but it is not a spot for beginners due to the presence of rocks that threaten to break more than one surfboard.

The Codito is the perfect place to surf when the beach of Famara is too big as this spot is protected by the strong swells and the waves in this zone are ordered a lose force making the Codito in one of the few surfing spots in conditions of big swells.

Wait for the high tide to surf this spot because it only works with this type of tide.

What we like most about Codito is that it is next to all of Famara's schools and surf shops so you do not need a car to get around and as long as you rent your equipment B> to the spot or you can even pause to eat in one of the restaurants that are right the corner of the Codito.

san juan surf spot en famara

San Juan

San Juan is one of Lanzarote's most well-known surf spots with a lefthand wave breaking on rock bottom which is pure adrenaline for the most expert surfers.

It is a fast and powerful wave especially in low tide that has been in several occasions the site of several competitions of international level.

San Juan is reached by the dirt track that starts right at the end of town that ends just in front of the spot. It is a track well conditioned and therefore suitable for all types of vehicles.

There you will not find any kind of service: no showers, no bars, no stores to buy water or lifeguards ... so do not forget to take everything you need with you.

Respect the locals in this spot. Watch before entering the water as the wave works. Do not be in a hurry.

Spot only suitable for expert surfers .

How to go to Famara from the airport

Famara is 27kms from the airport. Unfortunately is not permited for surf schools to pick up clients at the airport as we would like to do it. So to reach Famara from the airport you have the following possibilities:

  • Car: To rent a car in Lanzarote is very cheap. You can rent a car from 120 euros/week (all inclusive). Besides you can use the car to visit the island after your surfing sessions as Public Transport will not take you everywhere. There are plenty of car rental companies in Lanzarote but we always use plus car or payless for our clients as they have very good prices and we never had any problem working with them. If you prefer to rent a car once you are in Famara you can go to Autos Famara that is located in the Famara Bungalws area.
  • Taxi: You can get a taxi at the airport. There is only one taxi company and is perfectly safe. The price of a taxi from the airport to Famara is between 35 to 40 euros.
  • Bus: This is the cheapest option but it takes a while as you need to take one bus from the airport to the city of Arrecife and another bus from Arrecife to Famara. We only recommend this option if you arrive early in the morning. You can check all buses schedule at:

Learn to Surf in Famara

Learn surfing in an incomparable environment

Famara is a magnificent place to learn surf . First, there are good weather conditions and waves throughout the year. Second because it has a wide sandy beach perfect for surfing lessons without any danger. And if all this was not enough it is a very picturesque town located in the heart of a natural park of great beauty that you will remember when you return home.

LZ402Famara is one of the pioneer schools in Famara and offers surfing courses for all levels throughout the year. If you need accommodation, they offer you accommodation in your surfhouse located a few meters from the beach. LZ402 has the best materials and instructors to ensure quality teaching.


In addition LZ402 is a multi-sport school which also offers kite and Sup courses and camps. The most positive aspect of a multi-sport school is that if the conditions for the sport you have chosen are not the best LZ402 Famara will always offer you the possibility of doing an alternative sport in the best conditions so you will always hit.

If you want to learn or improve your surfing in Famara , whether it's teaching or surfing, follow the links below for more information:

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