Beginner surf course

Surf course for beginners in Lanzarote

5 days surf lessons in Famara beach

Surfing is a much more technical sport than it may seem and it is important to start in the best possible way so that the learning process is smooth and efficient. Many people decide to start on their own but it is a big mistake. At least you need a beginner course for beginners that teaches you the basics of surfing especially with regard to safety and surfing rules to avoid accidents and problems in the water with other surfers.

Lz402 famara offers 5-day surfing courses where we are going to follow a path designed to guide student learning the basics of surfing, all tailor made for each participant, as each follows his own pace of learning

Price list beginner surf courses

1 day3 days5 days
1 surfer50€140€230€
2 surfers (per person)45€130€200€
3 /6 surfers (per person)40€115€180€

* You can keep the board full day for 8 €/day

What I am going to learn in this course?

Safety comes first

Everything related with safety and rules of surfing inside and outside the water. Knowledge of the parts of the equipment and how to choose your perfect surfboard. Know how waves, tides and currents work.

Warm up and stretch exercises. Technique for standing on the board, correct position of the body and balance.

Learn to paddle correctly. Technique to pass the waves. First maneuvers on top of the board. Ride white water waves and then try to ride clean water waves.

Do you need accommodation in Famara?

Welcome to our surf house and surf camps

If you also need accommodation in Famara we offer you the possibility to stay in our surf house located barely 100 meters from Famara beach or join our surf camps witn accommodation and classes included at best price.

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